My First Series

I have been tremendously blessed by our series so far. People have been consistent in attendance and making more and more commitments to Christ.

Not only has it been spiritually filling, but my oh my the food has been amazing, thanks to our Kitchen crew. Overall a really awesome experience for my first evangelistic series.

We are coming up on our final weekend this weekend and speaking about baptism and we have a couple of candidates and I am excited who is going to want to take that step in their walk with Christ.


Beast Prayer Meeting

I had a study with Nik on Tuesday and we ended up talking in the middle of our study and prayer meeting ended up coming up in our conversation. He mentioned he didn’t know if he had enough gas or what not, but I told him that if you seek God first, everything else will come into place.

With him mentioning that he would try and make it, again I didn’t really have much faith in what he said because it’s easy to say things but harder to go through with them.

On that night, I opened the door to the home in which we hold our prayer meetings and Nik was sitting right there.

I am more and more surprised by the steps Nik continues to make. He ended up mentioning to me that he wants to make the commitment to be re-baptized. I am just blessed to be able to see him continually make steps to getting closer and closer to Christ.

Flyer Outreach

With series underway, we decided we wanted to get more of the community to come! So one Sabbath afternoon the church went out and had a goal of each person personally inviting 10 people after church!

So deciding I wanted to train the next generation of canvassers, I told my new adopted little brother Josh, to accompany me even though he was super shy.

Felt like a leader all over again trying to train at the doors x)

After having a divine appointment at a door, Josh mentioned that he wanted to do Youthrush one day like me and his sister.

Joining M.O.S.T.

“Manny, I was looking through the bulletin this Sabbath, (his 4th Sabbath with us) and I noticed this M.O.S.T. (Men Overcoming Struggles Together) meeting thing. So what is that?” Nik asked.

“It’s a meeting where us men gather together and encourage one another!” I replied.

“I want to be apart of that. When is the next one?”

After a conversation of how because he’s getting back into church, he wants new influences, and he has been joining our M.O.S.T. meetings.

After our first meeting, we walked out and I asked him how he liked it and he said, “It was such a blessing. I can’t wait till our next one.”

It is awesome being able to lead one of my contacts to continually be joining more and more of our activities at church, until one day he himself is leading them.

First Time Back in a While

Nik said that he would make it that Sabbath after our study, but as many of my other contacts have said that and fallen through, I didn’t really think much of it.

I am asked to sing for song service every Saturday, and as I was practicing up front, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see Nik! I am quite surprised to see him there because I forgot that he was going to show up! He gives me a hug and says, “I’m so glad to be here. But I’m only going to be staying for Sabbath School.” My heart dropped a bit because he wasn’t going to stay for the service. But at least he came right? Before I went to sing I told him, “Nik, I’m so glad you made it. But if the Holy Spirit convicts you to stay, stay. But if not, don’t worry about it.”

He stayed for his first full Sabbath service in a long while. The following Sabbath he ended up coming with all his children, and it just continued to progress from there.

That One Star

My desire this practicum was to be able to reach one person and have one star on my crown in heaven. Not because I want to flaunt around that star, but because I want to be able to know I led one person to Christ.

There will be many posts on this one man showing the progress he has had throughout my practicum. His name is Nik.

2:30 P.M was the scheduled time for my first Bible study for the practicum, (first one of my life as well) So upon arrival, I knock on the door and the person whom I was going to have studies with decided that they didn’t want to have studies anymore.

So feeling kind of discouraged I decided to keep knocking on doors, and as soon as I walked down the steps of the home, a car pulled up on the other side of the street and I began to walk over there to make friends with the person. As he exits the car, Nik greets me and we strike up a conversation. I end up giving him a flyer for our church and he exclaims, “Are you Adventist??” I mention I am, and that he grew up Adventist and his mother attends the Patterson SDA church, (the church I am working at)

After a bit of conversation, we start getting into a more spiritual conversation and he begins to ask me about some questions. Through providence, the Lord had led me to the answers to Nik’s questions in my devotions. Also, because I was ready to have a Bible Study across the street, I had my Bible in my hand and so I just opened it to what I was reading earlier that morning which led to our first Bible study.

After finishing our first study, Nik himself proceeded to asking me, “Can you come every Tuesday at 2 so we could study?” (A Bible Workers dream) and that was the start of this great friendship with Nik.

We Need an AV System…

Since arriving at Patterson, something that Manny and I had come to realize was the church’s desperate need of a new AV system. Given the fact that Discover Life does not have a church building of their own (and that, rather, they rent from the Lutheran church), the members find themselves in need of using the equipment that the Lutherans have at their disposal. After a fiasco with the projector being left on and possibly “damaged,” the evangelical church hinted strongly that we ought to never use their projector ever again–and that the AV system would be next!

Over the last couple of months I have had to be filled in on what the church has been through in the years before I arrived in January. This church had been praying to God for the means to be able to purchase their own materials, in order to not be dependent on others to have our services. During board meeting I found out: there was enough funds available from last year’s savings to get a new AV system!

It took about a month, but a select few members/leaders in our little church began the search for the best possible equipment for our situation–and for the best possible price. In the end, God blessed us with a completely portable system for our very portable church plant. We don’t even need a sound board; it is controlled digitally on a tablet!

In conclusion, we really give the praise to God. I truly believe that we as Seventh-day Adventists ought to be “the head” and not “the tail” here in the community, and God has answered our prayers in His timing. Now we don’t need Manny to be our microphone stand anymore…